About this Maine Glass Artist

nancyprofileI am a Maine based glass artist. My Glass Orchids is my kiln fired glass business located in the state of Maine. Thank you for visiting, reading, viewing and supporting Glass Orchids over the years! Without you we would be… well.. still working in corporate America! ~Nan 

I began melting glass in 1995 without a clue that I had started down the road towards total obsession. It was a hobby. Something to take my mind away from the high-tech-high-stress-high-paid-climb-the-corporate-ladder job I relished.  I had recently given birth to a lovely little girl. Somewhere between her birth and the spring of 1999 all of my life dreams and goals changed. Who can pinpoint the exact moment these things happen? We make one little decision which combines with other, seemingly unrelated little decisions until we’re headed down a new unknown path without any idea how we got there. Feelings and ideas are planted in the shadows of thought until one day something causes them to burst forth into the light and we experience an epiphany.


As you might have guessed, I left that high-tech-etc job to work on Glass Orchids full time in the spring of 1999. Shortly thereafter, in that same year, my husband and I purchased an old farm in Maine. Our plan to escape was now out in the bright light of day, much to our surprise.  Our dream was realized in the summer of 2002 when we made the final move to our farm in Maine and Greg and I both concentrated our efforts on Glass Orchids.  

About five years ago I became involved with artisan cooperatives in Maine. These groups are wonderful and allow me, as a Maine based glass artist, to have my work available on a daily basis, while not having to work in the shops every day. Being type A, I currently  volunteer as shop manager for two of the coops: Belfast Harbor Artisans and Southwest Harbor Artisans.

In addition to GlassOrchids, I also run a small lavender farm at WinterRose.Farm.

Check out some of my creations by clicking here.