Dichroic Glass Fridge Magnets

I am the originator of the adorable little caviar tin of dichroic glass magnets. Originally these started out as a way to use up the extra stones that collected when I made earrings. I’m very particular about how the stones match so I always had what I considered ‘earring rejects’ and one day (about 24 years ago) I decided to make them into magnets to use them up. These magnets became so popular that I had to start making stones just for them. They make the perfect gift for any occasion: small, lightweight, inexpensive and adorable. Perfect for lockers, filing cabinets, fridges and more.

These Dichroic Glass Magnets are  a great gift for Teachers, Students, Office Gifts and Stocking Stuffers!

Tins will vary slightly as the individual magnets in each are picked by me, by hand, to balance the colors and patterns.

NOTE: These are very strong magnets and will not slide down the fridge! No artwork will hit the floor, no list will be lost under the desk! This I pledge!!

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