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Dichroic Glass is one of the hottest materials being used by artisans today. It is an amazing material developed for the aerospace industry but discovered by warm glass artists. Whether you’re buying gifts for yourself, a friend or for your business, the truth is you’ll fall in love with our dichroic glass jewelry. The brilliance of dichroic glass must be experienced first hand. The depth and play of color as the pieces move in the light is remarkable.  The use of dichroic glass in jewelry has exploded of late and you’ll find a wide array of prices and quality available.  If you look at a lot of dichroic glass we believe you will find that the quality of our work, our originality, style and finish, the diversity of products and our sense of color are unsurpassed among contemporary glass artists. In addition, our work contains exclusive dichroic patterns, created right here in our studio by Greg Tang, setting our work a step above the average. 

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My artisan jewelry has been carried in museum shops, catalogs and fine craft/gift shops across the United States, including  NOA, The Sandwich Glass Museum, The Peabody Essex Museum,  Islip Art Museum, The Palabra Shop and many more…….. Purchase a Glass Orchids original today and join the 1000’s of discerning collectors worldwide who have discovered the joy of our dichroic glass. ~Copyright (c)1998-2018 Nancy Tang


Dichroic Glass Jewely & Glass Art at Glass Orchids

I create handmade jewelry including dichroic glass pendants and other dichroic glass jewelry, as well as glass art objects such as vases, glass paintings, dishes, paperweights and nightlights. I work in a converted dairy barn in Maine; just outside both Bangor and Belfast.  I am always pecking at the boundary of what I can do with this wonderful medium.  I am honored and humbled by the fact that so many of you find my artisan jewelry  pleasing enough to purchase with your hard earned money. Because of you, Glass Orchids has grown over the past 20 years.   Thank you all for allowing me to pursue my passion and for welcoming my work into your lives.    ~Nancy