OhSnaps!™ Interchangeable Jewelry

OhSnaps!(tm)  are Interchangeable jewelry that allows you to swap out the dichroic glass ‘stone’ to change the color, and entire look of the piece.   Feeling blue today? Snap out the stone and pop in a blue one!

These dichroic glass stones come in a variety of colors. I  have dichroic OH Snaps!™ bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings and you can swap the ‘stones’ between them all (except for the tiny snaps in the silver plated bracelet shown elsewhere.)

My OH Snaps!™ Jewelry line uses snaps that are compatible with other interchangeable jewelry snaps made by other companies.

To change the snap simply slide your fingernail between the jewelry and the snap and pop it off.

OhSnaps! are rhodium plated. As with all plated jewelry, tarnishing may naturally occur over time. Do not use  jewelry cleaners; these will take the plating on all plated jewelry and will cause permanent damage. Please don’t wear your OhSnaps! and accessories into water, including swimming, bathing, washing, hot tubbing or sauna.

Thanks for looking and  have a Snaptacular Day! ~Nan

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