Gloot!!!!! Yeah, you heard me!!


NO not Groot, GLOOT!!

Something is brewing at Glass Orchids!  It’s exciting, It’s fun!!!!

GLOOT is a unique idea to make shopping fun and exciting. I will be offering my creations at a deep discount. What’s the catch you ask? Well it stands for Glass Orchids LOOT! LOOT bags will contain an assortment of my creations, but you will be buying blind! Blind you ask?? Yes! You won’t  know what’s in your box, but the value will far exceed your cost.  I promise, its better than a poke in the eye.

There is one more catch! Of course there is.  These Loot boxes will be very limited in number, I can’t give it ALL away, now can I?? You’ll have to utilize speed, cunning and sharp wits to successfully complete your purchase!

We will be starting around the end of February, so stay tuned.

Loot will be available in two sizes/prices and will include FREE shipping.  Minimus Glootius will cost $19.99, with a minimum retail value of $50.  Maximus Glootius will cost $39.99, with a minimum retail value of $100.

Loot bags might include jewelry, art, or herbal products made by me. You’ll never know till you get one! I’m also considering offering loot boxes  of assorted art, glass and jewelry supplies.  I’ve accumulated so many treasures over the last 25 years, it’s kinda time to destash a little.  One of my winter goals was to reorganize my studio… haven’t made a lot of progress… but there are so m any things I’ve tried and so many fun things to share. I think this is a fun way to go!

SEO is yelling at me saying I need more words! In have nothing more to say!!! Whyyyyy??? Ok it’s happy now.