Habitat for Humanity – Restore Painted Door Auction – Bangor, ME

I’ve been working on a door for the Habitat for Humanity  Restore Painted Door Auction and wanted to share the progress & process so far.  I’ve got to do this outside because it’s too large for my studio, (read that as – I have no clear table space left because I live in chaos) and the weather has been bad. I got one good day the other day and finished sanding and priming the door, and began the actual painting. The deadline is quickly approaching so I’m working in the garage on these rainy days.

For some reason this project has begun an obsession with Koi for me and I’ve also created 2 pieces in kiln fired and glass enamel pieces featuring koi. This is the largest painting I’ve ever done, my back is a wreck from leaning over, but I’m having a great time with it!

The door was sanded and primed with house paint. The painting itself is created with acrylic paint and will be sealed with acrylic sealer.

The door is not finished yet but here’s the progress:


Habitat for Humanity Restore, Bangor, ME